Expedition leader, Tomsk

  • Champion of Russia in sailing and water tourism
  • Distinguished traveler of Russia
  • Master of sports of Russian Federation in sports tourism
  • First vice-chairman in Tomsk department of Geographical Society of Russia
  • Professor of Russian Academy of Sciences, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
  • Advisor to the Chairman of Tomsk Science Centre The Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SDRAS)


Captain, Novosibirsk

  • The champion of Russia and Siberian Federal District in sailing
  • Master of sports in sports tourism
  • Member of Geographical Society of Russia


Tomsk, Russia Sailor

  • Wheelchair-traveler
  • Inventor of the underwater wheelchair “Barracuda”,
  • Geographical Society of Russia member,
  • Awardee of the National award «Crystal Compass».

The fourth member of the expedition will be selected according to the competitive examination.


Vladimir Mikhailovich Kotlyakov

Project supervisor

  • Honorary President of Geographical Society of Russia,
  • Chairman of tourism development of RGS,
  • Academician of RSA,
  • of Geographical Science

Julia Kaluzhnaya

Director of the Coastal Center

  • Executive director TRD of RSA,
  • Committeeman of tourism development of Geographical Society of Russia, Candidate of Geographical Sciences,
  • Associate Professor in Tomsk State University

Viktor Diatlikovich
information coordinator, Moscow

  • The head of the media and information providing Department of Geographical Society of Russia.

Evgeny Zhukov
Spokesman, Tomsk

  • The head of the Youth center of the Russian cinematographer union (Tomsk department),
  • the head of the information center of Geographical Society of Russia department of Tomsk Geographical Society of Russia department